• Electronic Product Development


    Product Development

    CENTIC offer electronic product development services to turn client's concept and spec to prototypes and actual products. Our clients are electronic product startups and OEMs. CENTIC's services include hardware-software architecture design, software development, board schematic and layout design, product prototyping, post-manufacturing testing, etc. We help clients reduce product time-to-market and development cost.

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  • Embedded Design


    Embedded System Design

    CENTIC engineers have experience in development of embedded firmware and software for consumer electronic, medical, automotive, measurement and various types of devices. Our embedded system team are competent in a wide range of programming languages (C/C++, Java, Assembly, LUA), microprocessors (ARM, x86, MIPS, PIC, AVR32), and operating systems (Linux, Real-time Linux, Android, WinCE)

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  • FPGA/ASIC Design

    IC design new

    FPGA/ASIC design

    CENTIC are competent in developing FPGA/ASIC solutions for video processing, high-speed networking, memory interfaces, PCIe, advanced algorithm development. Our team are experienced with Verilog, VHDL, VerilogA, System Verilog, SystemC... We offer services such as behavioral modeling and verification, logic synthesis, test bench development, using technologies and tools provided by Cadence, Xilinx, Altera...

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