CENTIC solutions in Embedded System


With the strength in embedded system, we have the ability to develop projects at the driver, firmware and applications for medical devices, automatic control, surveillance and high technology entertainment devices. We also experienced in several advanced Chipset of Broadcom, Sigma, Design, ST, TI, NXP, Xilinx…


Embedded system design

- Architecture: ARM, MIPS, SH4, DSP, MCU

- Platform: Linux, Android, Real-time OS

- Bootloader: U-boot, Ezboot, CFE

- Library and framework:

    + DirectFB, OpenGL, ALSA, GStreamer

    + Qt, FFmpeg, OpenCV, Swfdec, FlashLite

- Programming language: C/C++, Java, Shell Script, Lua, ActionScript, HTML5

- Tools: Git, SVN, GDB, Eclipse


Centic products:

- HD Media Player

- Digital Signage

- Set-Top Box

- Cable Modem

- Automatic system bus control using RFID technology

- ATM banking system using RFID technology

- Smart car park’s system (Smart Parking) using RFID technology.