HD Media Player – Entertainment devices

1. Introduction

In the rapid of rising to new-age of lifestyle, the concern of low-cost and high quality product becomes essential. Centic offers the solution of Full-HD device which integrated many features together on a single device: Karaoke HD online/offline, connect and share information through LAN, integrated video calling with Skype, YouTube, game, news, weather, etc…

2. Solutions and technologies

- Using SoC in Sigma Designs based on MIPS architecture together with dedicated processor Core: Video Decoder, Audio Decoder, Audio DSP, Security Co-processors…

            + SoC:       SMP8671

            + RAM:     512MB

           + FLASH: 256MB

en em1

Hardware architecture

- System running on Linux platform:

            + Kernel:           Linux 2.6.29

            + Framework:   DirectFB 1.0, FlashLite 3.1, Qt 4.8

            + Language:     C/C++, Shell Script, ActionScript, HTML5

en em2

Software architecture

- Peripheral connectivity:

            + USB, SDCard, HDD

            + Ethernet, Wifi, 3G

            + HDMI, AV Composite, Optical S/PDIF

3. Products:

- Cloud Karaoke function

- Connected entertainment function: games, Skype, YouTube, Facebook...

- Full-HD karaoke function by hard-disk HDD, LAN ...

- Online TV function

- Support phones (smartphones), tablets connection

- Web Browser Application

- BitTorrent Apps

- Support almost all media file format, supports ISO DVD

- Support Full HD resolution (1080p)

- Support DTS decoding

- Integrated USB port, Ethernet port 10/100

- Support WiFi, 3G via USB connection

- Support TV Tuner via USB connection