Digital Signage – Advertised equipment, digital display

1. Introduction

Digital Advertising with vivid images, sign-board with flexible pictures becomes an attractive market. Along with the formation of supermarket chains is the development of distribution and selling system in large scale. In order to provide an effective, high technology and low-cost solution, Digital Signage based on Internet connection was introduced. This solution offers high-resolution on large-screen with fully transferred information.  

2. Technology and solution

- Internet model Client - Server for managing, remote scheduling.


Device Management using Internet


-  Able to provide flexible scheduling to have an effective information transfer.

- Support high-resolution on the big screen, split into multiple independent display and perform various content’s information.


Divided-region on-screen performances

- Linux system running on the Sigma SoC designs:

            + SoC:       SMP8671

            + RAM:     512MB

            + FLASH: 256MB

            + Kernel:   Linux 2.6.29

            + Framework:   DirectFB 1.0, FlashLite 3.1

            + Language:       C/C++, Shell Script, ActionScript

            + Linux Server: Apache, PHP, MySQL

            + Peripheral connectivity:

                        + USB, SDCard, HDD

                        + Ethernet, Wifi, 3G

                        + HDMI, AV Composite, Optical S/PDIF

3. Products:

- Device Management, Remote scheduling performance through Server using Web-based applications

- Devices send status and performed statistics periodically to Server

- Divide region on-screen performances Video, Audio, Photo, Text (text runs, scrolling text)

- Support  screen rotating to suit the product's placing and the users desired.

- The device can run independently without server connection.

- Support configuration for remote device

- Support almost all formats of media files (audio / video / photo)

- Support Full HD resolution (1080p)

- Support multiple types of connections: 10/100 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G allows convenient connection

- Support updating information in real time such as news, weather, stocks...

- Support playing TV channel using TV Tuner