Bus ticketing system using RFID

1. Introduction

Currently, public transportation in local company is not managed automatically, hence the disadvantages of using paper ticket or even paper cash meet the business’s difficulties. Centic is designed to offer the ticket control system using RFID technology in order to solve the problem as well as to promote the urban cites of Viet Nam to worlwide.

2. Product features

  • RFID reader will be placed on each bus to scan the RFID ticket for payment and update the credit information to the host system.
  • RFID reader is connected with server through GPRS. Other than updating the customer’s information, the server also checked for fraud list.
  • Credit will be top-up at Customer Service counter or on the bus itself.
  • Travel time and distance will be updated through GPS and the amount will be calculated by SMS
  • Fraud list will be updated per day.
  • Ticket checking will be updated by remote or via USB

3. Specification


System block diagram


Overall diagram of bus ticketing system

  • CPU

32-bit RISC ARM Cortex A8 1GHz

  • Operating System

Embedded Linux OS version 2.6.32

  • Memory

NAND 256MB, DDR3 256MB

  • Security

Three-step authentication with Mifare card

Crypto-1 Encryption

  • Contactless card standard

Support ISO/IEC 14443 (1-4), Mifare

Support NFC

  • Communication





  • Host server

Apache Server, Database