Smart car park’s system (Smart Parking) using RFID

1. Introduction

In the metropolitan area of Viet Nam such as Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi or Da Nang, with the chaotic population, the traffic and parking are always crucial problems which need to be solved. There are several solutions from legal to technical were proposed, and Centic’s task is to develop a Smart parking’s system and will be firstly examined in Da Nang city.

2. Product features:

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Overview of smart car’s park system


  • After arrival, the car’s plate number will be recognized by camera and driver will scan the E-ticket through Reader. E-ticket ID, car’s plate number, parking period and credit amount will be updated. The amount of deposit will be charged to avoid fraud.
  • When leaving, ticket will be scanned again for Reader to calculate the period of parking, the correlative amount will be deducted.
  • All the transactions from Reader will be sent to Center periodically.
  • If the car’s plate number is not recognized, manually enter will be performed.
  • Some debit amount is allowed for over-usage.
  • Software is updated remotely or via USB.

3. Specification


System Block Diagram

  • CPU

32-bit RISC ARM Cortex A8 1GHz

  • Operating System

Embedded Linux OS version 2.6.32

  • Memory

NAND 256MB, DDR3 256MB

  • Privacy

Three-step authentication Desfire EV1 card

AES-128, DES3, 3K3DES

  • Contact card standard


  • Contactless card standard

Support ISO/IEC 14443 (1-4), Mifare Desfire EV1

Support NFC

  • Communication

3G modem

UVC Camera

  • Host server

Apache Server, Database