ATM banking system using RFID


1. Introduction

Currently, the traditional ATM card used in banking system has limitations to link with other applications such as student card, library card, credit card or even identification card… Additionally, traditional magnetic card is easy to be damaged, scratched. In order to overcome this situation, the system with contactless card is the replacement for future use.



ATM system trading model

2. Product features

  • Each card contains customer information (name, ID number, etc…)
  • PIN is required per transaction.
  • Receipt is printed per user’s choice
  • Withdrawal, account inquiry, statement preview and money transfer are allowed
  • System will update the configuration’s information automatically
  • Software is able to remotely update..


3. Specification 


ATM system block diagram

  • CPU

32-bit RISC ARM Cortex A8 1GHz

  • Operating system

Embedded Linux OS version 2.6.32

  • Memory

NAND 256MB, DDR3 256MB, HDD lưu trữ hình ảnh

  • Privacy

Three-step authentication Desfire EV1 cards

AES-128, DES3, 3K3DES

  • Contact card standard


  • Contactless card standard

Support ISO/IEC 14443A (1-4), Mifare Desfire EV1

  • Communication:

UVC Camera

LCD touch screen