Solutions using wireless technology

1.  SmartHome wireless solution

This solution is used to monitor home electrical appliances via wireless without bus drivers. The smart home integrates all the system - lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, home theatre, distributed audio, motorised curtains and blinds, reticulation systems and wireless PC networks - to give the user simple,complete control.

  •        Use the contact light control, power socket, wireless sensor control
  •        Operate on Android Tablet, Smartphone
  •        Scan manually or automatically detect sensors
  • Smarthome wireless


2.  Smart Building control

The Smart Building solution supports the strategic task of energy conservation, as well as one of the key application fields of IOT. It will help acquire information and accurate information so as to provide major technical support for energy conservation systems.

This solution is a suite of interactive, web-based tools that track, analyse and report buildings data, in real time, through a central dashboard. The tools are incredibly effective - they can help reduce an organisation’s energy costs by up to 30 percent, often within a year of installation.

  • Works with Windows 8.
  • Monitor power usage at each company visually.
  • Control public lighting at each floor