Event - IT and Electronic Expo - Da Nang 2014

On 1st September 2014, the Information Technology and Electronic Expo - Da Nang 2014 (called DANICT Fair 2014) was closed after 3 days from 30th August - 1st September open to visitors.

The City government visit Da Nang e-government model in the exhibition  .                                                                   -Photo by: T.Ngọc.

During the Expo period, three seminars on the application of IT solutions were held and attracted hundreds of interested attendees (including representatives, speaker and reporter) from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. 

One of the most interested topics was discussed in the seminars is the use of Open Source as a solution for IT applications. This is the most optimized IT solution for the next few years to avoid the dependence on the copyright and also promote intellectual, creative IT community in Viet Nam.

Speaking of Mr Pham Kim Son, Director of Da Nang Department of Information - Communication .-Photo by: T.Ngọc.

Also at sessions in afternoon 31/8 and morning 01/09/2014, The Trung Nguyen (Vice Chairman of Da Nang Software Association, Joint Director General DTT - Develop and unit deployments IT & Communications for the public authorities to Danang; Le Trung Nghia (Open Source software Association Vietnam-VFOSSA); Su Huy (JSC representatives Unity Center - UNITECH) Duy Nguyen Nghiem (Branch representative Da Nang-Joint DTT); Le Son Phong (Deputy Director of the Centre for Development of IT infrastructure Da Nang); Phan Ngoc Tuan (Deputy Director, Global Green company) ... in turn presents many thematic reports such as "Vietnam OpenStack community and potential applications of OpenStack for e-government"; "Open Source software in e-government"; "Open Source solution in the management report", "IT Infrastructure Danang & Communications "," Orientation community building free and open source application development and e-government platform ";" public services online with electronic forms "...

Photos taken during IT and Electronic Expo - Da Nang 2014

Hoi cho 2014
Hoi cho 2014 2

Hoi cho 2014 3