System Design

Design architecture and system

1. Design architecture system

CENTIC has the ability to offer the comprehensive and overall solutions.

Architecture design, including system integration technologies such as MCU, DSP, FPGA and ASIC to solve complicated applications:

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 - High processing speed

 - Transmission systems in telecommunication networks

 - Image and sound conversion

 - Data storage

 - High performance computing system




2. Electronic circuit design

With extensive experience in electronic circuit design, Centic is able to provide the schematic design for circuit board integrated multi-components, multi-layers printed circuit, high speed signal to meet the requirements of complex applications:

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- Combination of different FPGAs

- Combination of microprocessor DSP, ASIC …

- High-speed peripheral such as RocketI/O, Serdes, GMII, …..




3. IC Design



- Circuit board with speed up to 40Gbps

- 32-layers circuit board

- Evaluate design’s quality with Pre Simulation

and Post Simulation together with Signal / Power Integrity

- Create Symbol, FootPrint and ECO library



4. Tool support

CENTIC uses the latest and the most advanced tools of well-known manufacturers in design, including:

- Cadence Allegro®
- Concept® - HDL
- Orcad CIS®
- Cadence Specctra®Autorouter
- HyperLynx®
- Valor Genesis 2000®
- CAM350®